Thursday, September 30, 2004

Web Site Traffic

Web site traffic is essential to having a thriving online business. You cannot have enough traffic unless it is the wrong traffic or you do not want to build your business. Your chances of selling a product or service is proportional to the level of targeted and qualified traffic to your web site. It is not an easy task getting the right kind of traffic to your site. You do not get this traffic without expending your time, energy and sometimes hard-earned money.

There are many different ways to generate traffic to your web site. The various traffic generating methods and strategies need to be researched, evaluated and implemented to determine which ones will result in increasing your web site visitors and hopefully the sales of your product or service.

Unfortunately, most traffic generators take time to produce a result. The time required depends on the method and approach you take. It is easy to give up when the method or approach you take to generating targeted and qualified traffic to your web site does not result in success. Testing the different methods and approaches is essential to getting the illusive traffic to your web site. Whenever a method fails to deliver the results you want then try a different one. Keep trying different methods or approaches to generating web site traffic until you find the one that works for you.

Some of the more common methods of generating web site traffic include: search engines, pay-per-click, trading links, directory listing, writing articles, newsletters, email advertising, viral marketing, classified advertising, banner advertising and other free approaches. Which one(s) are best for you? That's a loaded question and the answer resides in what you are willing to pay, in terms of time, energy and/or money, to get the right kind of traffic. You need to test, test and then test some more.

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