Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Starting a Blog

This is my initial entry into the world of blogs. I have been hesitant about starting a blog due to my lack of knowledge and interest in learning about it.

However, I listened to a teleconference today that featured Brad Fallon. Brad is a search engine optimization (SEO) expert that spoke about the benefits of blogging among other things.

In addition to providing content of interest to your website visitors, it can provide valuable links back to your website. This linking aids in the search engine evaluation of your page ranking. This made me stand up and pay closer attention. As a result, I decided to enter the mysterious world of blogging and learn from the experience. In turn, I will provide my subscribers and website visitors and customers an opportunity to gain through this experience.

If you have limited knowledge of SEO then I suggest you perform a search on Google or Yahoo with the keyword "search engine optimization." You will be able to find numerous articles about SEO strategies and how they can be applied to your own website business.

For your information, I set up this blog on the free blog service called "Blogger" located at I did some quick searches to obtain a novice understanding of a blog.

I will share my limited knowledge on blogs at this point in time. A blog is a publication of what is happening in a person's life and/or what is happening on the web. A blog is unique to the person generating content for it. Blogs are also called web logs or weblogs. There are tons of blogs on the Internet. They are gaining in popularity and content. The blog can be updated as frequently as the author sees fit (hourly, daily, weekly, etc). Typically, a blog is an online journal of information and opinions that is updated on a regular basis.

This is just "day one" of my blogging life. I reserve judgement on the pros and cons of blogging until I have ample experience behind me. Let me know if you have comments (pros and/or cons).

Till next time.